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How to Get Started


Q1. Is lack of finance hindering your skill upgrade aspirations?
Ans. FlyHi will extend you an interest-free, EMI-based payment facility.

Q2. Do I have to come to your office and submit papers?
Ans. No, your Aadhaar card, PAN Card, photograph, and six months bank statements, if uploaded digitally, on the link provided by us on e-mail, the loan will be processed digitally, and payment made to the individual. (Subject to acceptable credit score and approval process)

Q3. In how many months should I repay the loan?
Ans. You can choose from three to twelve months period.

Q4. Who bears the funding cost (interest) for extending this loan to me?
Ans. Depends – either the Educational Institution if agreeable to subsidise the interest element from its pocket to mitigate your pain or by the parents themselves

Q5. What else do I pay to you?
Ans. One-time Processing Fee at 1% of the Loan amount.

Q6. Who is FlyHi Finance?
Ans. NBFC registered with RBI, with offices in Mumbai and Delhi

Q7. How do I sign the loan documents?
Ans. You will receive a link by email and you can authorize it with OTP.

Q8. When can I join for the course?
Ans. Immediately after you receive Loan approval mail and intimation on the disbursement of the loan.

Q9. What is the average time taken for loan approval?
Ans. Within thirty minutes for request with proper documents.

Q10. How are the EMIs structured?
Ans. Please see table below.