Attendance Policy

1. There are 12 live classes in every course.

2. The day and time for the course will be intimated to the enrolled student via email every week. It would usually be at the same time on the same day every week.

3. It is mandatory that the student remembers to attend and attends every live class in the course.

4. The login link will open 10 minutes prior to the time of class. The student should try logging in as soon as possible so they can ensure they are in the meeting before the class starts at the mentioned time.

5. In case the student misses a live class, it cannot be made up for unless informed 7 days prior to the absence. All the content taught in the live class would be under course content. The student will have to catch up from there before the next live class.

6. The course contents will be available to students for an additional 30 days after the course.