What Brought Me Back To Som After A Break?

I’ve always loved music and singing. I would listen to songs I like and sing along to them, which brought me the utmost joy.SOM is the music class I’ve always wanted to attend, and I enjoyed every session Radhika Ma’am is a wonderful teacher and I was learning music along with lots of others who were just as crazy about music as me.

However, I soon got busy with school. What felt like never-ending load of assignments, exams, and projects was being thrown at my face and I was incredibly stressed. I had to stop going to music classes. Even so, music was the one thing that kept me going. Whenever I feel like the world is moving too fast,

I sing my favorite tunes and all my worries disappear. I always thought to myself that right when my roth grade was over, I was going to rejoin SOM. Ever since I started going to SOM, my voice has improved greatly.

My eyes have opened up to the world of music which I didn’t know was so vast and beautiful. I will forever be grateful to Radhika Ma’am and everyone else at SOM for giving me the opportunity to learn and explore this amazing world of music.